GlacialLight unveils 9 Watt LED Down lights

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GlacialLight unveils 9 Watt LED Down lights

GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech, has
announced two new AC-TRIAC Dimmable LED Down Lights, GL-DL04DL
and GL-DL04DH, in its popular range of LED lighting products.

The new GL-DL04DL and GL-DL04DH down lights are the first
entries into the GL-DL04D Capella Series. The GL-DL04DL has the input of
100-120V AC and the GL-DL04DH has the input of 200-240V AC.

The GL-DL04DL and GL-DL04DH consume only 9W and come with
a TS10P-30L/H (AC-TRIAC 100-120V
AC / 200-240 V AC) dimmable driver, which allow lighting to be adjusted to fit
the preferred lighting scenarios.

The GL-DL04D Series down lights provide area
illumination on demand with their wide 120° beam angle. Typical applications
include hospitals, airports, offices, supermarkets, stores, and most other
commercial, and retail locations.

GlacialLight GL-DL04DL’s and GL-DL04DH’s long lifetime
LED technology slashes maintenance and replacement costs, with a lifetime of
30,000 hours, more than six times longer than traditional fluorescent lamps.
The increased energy efficiency of LEDs also helps to reduce energy expenses,
the company said.

The GL-DL04D Series comes in 3 color temperatures from
warm white to cool white (3000K, 4000K, and 6000K). The GL-DL04DL and GL-DL04DH
are only 13mm deep, minimizing architectural and interior design issues, and it
employs strong but light construction to achieve its low weight of just 235g.

GlacialLight GL-DL04DL and GL-DL04DH are completely
RoHS compliant. The products do not contain mercury or other hazardous
chemicals nor do they emit harmful UV or IR radiation, making them far more
eco-friendly than traditional lighting fixtures and technologies. Even the
product packaging is recyclable.

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