GlacialTech launches new cold forging thermal module solutions

GlacialTech has launched two new cold forging thermal module solutions namely, Igloo FR210 and Igloo FR210HP.

Both of them are used for 80W applications. The Igloo FR210HP is optimized for CoB and spotlight applications. Both their heat sinks are available in two silver and black color options.

GlacialTech’ cold forging thermal solutions series consist of 30W to 100W, which is a suitable range for cold forging LED lighting solutions.

Cold forging produces heat sinks that have heat dissipation than die-casting and aluminum extrusion.

Both the Igloo products that use AL1050 aluminum, the thermal conductivity can be increased 2.36times compared to die casting: 96.2 W/mK to 227 W/mK.

GlacialTech’s thermal solutions are designed for cost-effective method along with weight and volume reduction.

GlacialTech thermal design philosophies for LED lighting applications include price performance, weight performance and volume performance.

Igloo FR210HP(COB)
Cold forging has following benefits like better thermal conductivity than die-casting and aluminum extrusion, one piece manufacturing with no extra assembly needed, smooth surface and environmentally friendly production process.

Igloo FR 210 has a dimension of Ф 210×37 mm whereas Igloo FR210HP comes in Ф 210×37 mm dimension.

The weight of Igloo FR210 is 1250 gm and for Igloo FR210HP it is slightly less with 1230 gm.

The component materials include AL 1050 for both, but with 2 additional heat pipes in FR210HP model.

The surface treatment is Anode for both modules and surface area is also of same value with 430308 mm^2.

The thermal resistance is 0.8187 degree C/W for Igloo FR210 and 0.7933degree C/W for Igloo FR10HP with a heat source of DIM: 37X37mm.

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