HireRight implements green data center infrastructure with support from Cisco and EMC

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HireRight implements green data center infrastructure with support from Cisco and EMC

GreenTech Lead Team:
HireRight, a provider of on-demand
employment screening solutions, announced that it has upgraded its worldwide
data center infrastructure and technology in collaboration with Cisco and EMC.

new technology solution has been a combined effort of experts from HireRight,
Cisco and EMC. It results in an architecture that features the latest in
high-performance “blade” server systems and adds fast 10-gigabit network
capability from Cisco, leverages enterprise-class data storage arrays from EMC,
and secures data with next-generation data encryption technology and standards
using security solutions from RSA.

new deployment increases performance of its data centers by 50 percent and
decreases power consumption by 45 percent. The deployment also helps in
reducing data center square footage by 60 percent and increasing scalability by
400 percent. The new technology solution reduces the number of data centers
from 10 worldwide down to four.

HireRight provides
screening solutions to more than one third of the Fortune 500, and thousands of
small businesses. Its solutions and services reach over 200 countries and
territories around the world. The new deployment will accelerate HireRight’s
plans for continued global growth and green initiatives.

new HireRight data centers are an important step toward establishing the
company as the industry leader in socially conscious technology operations,”
said Mike
Petrullo, president and chief executive officer, HireRight.

system achieves the performance gains while reducing power consumption and
carbon footprint significantly.

has undergone a dramatic consolidation of data centers worldwide, and its
deployment of a substantial number of virtual desktops with a private cloud is
an industry-leading deployment that is the result of outstanding teamwork by
Cisco, EMC and HireRight,” said Satinder Sethi, vice president of marketing,
Cisco Data Center Solutions.  

HireRight announced Applicant
Center Mobile, the new mobile version of the company’s popular Applicant
Center, a personalized online portal that provides employment candidates with greater
transparency into the screening process, and features that offer a new level of
convenience and simplicity through the process.

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