Imagine Homes Unveils DOW POWERHOUSE solar standard community in Texas

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Imagine Homes Unveils DOW POWERHOUSE solar standard community in Texas

Greentech Lead U.S: Imagine Homes, a San Antonio-based
homebuilder focusing on green building technology, in partnership with The Dow
Chemical Company, unveiled the first solar standard community in San Antonio.

This new community is leading the way in sustainable
living by incorporating the award-winning DOW POWERHOUSE Solar
Shingle – an integrated solar roofing system that protects the
home and generates electricity – as a standard feature on all homes in
their Willis Ranch subdivision.

This latest offering of Dow’s Solar Shingles gives
homebuyers in San Antonio the first community that combines Imagine Homes’
superior homebuilding design with the most cutting-edge renewable solution on
the market.

Homeowners that purchase a Willis Ranch home will get a
complete POWERHOUSE roofing system that saves money on their annual energy
bills, reducing the overall cost of home ownership and generating an
unprecedented financial return on their home investment. The home also comes
with a monitoring system that provides real-time readouts of electricity
generation and home electricity usage.

Homebuyers can also choose to upgrade the standard sized
system to a bigger array that will offset even more of their energy bill.
Expected savings range anywhere from $4,000-$10,000 in the first year, plus the
POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles will increase the overall value of their home.

“DOW POWERHOUSE was the ideal partner for us on the
Willis Ranch community in San Antonio,” said Imagine Homes president John
Friesenhahn. “They enable us to offer our customers a breakthrough roofing
solution from one of the biggest names in home energy-efficiency. A roof that
protects the home, uses sunlight to power it, and provides superior aesthetic
appeal for our exterior design is exactly what this market is looking for.”

“The grand opening of this new Willis Ranch community
directly supports our mission to increase the number of green-built homes
throughout our region,” said Anita Devora, Executive Director, Build San
Antonio Green. “DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles enable homeowners to have their
roof work for them as a renewable energy source and we are proud to support the
partnership between Imagine Homes’ and DOW POWERHOUSE in San Antonio. This is
the future of new homebuilding in America.”

Earlier this year, DOW POWERHOUSE announced the
collaboration with Imagine Homes to offer the DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle roof
system to all new homebuyers in Imagine Homes’ six San Antonio area residential

“We are very excited to be expanding this collaboration
and celebrating the first solar standard community in San Antonio with Imagine
Homes,” said Dan Pezolt, Dow Solar Marketing Director. “It’s a perfect
partnership, bringing together two companies that share a vision of smart
homebuilding – which is ideal for the San Antonio market.”

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