INSTEON launches LED bulbs for European market

INSTEON, creators of the home automation and control technology has introduced four new LED light bulbs, created specifically for the European market.

INSTEON’s modular connected home system enables European smart home consumers to add energy-conscious lighting to their home and office.

The new LED bulbs are designed to accommodate the wider voltage range and feature both bayonet mount version as well as the Edison screw version.

The light bulbs are compatible with company’s other home products like INSTEON hub, dimmer modules, wired and wireless thermostats with humidity sensors, open and close sensors, remotes, switches and more.

INSTEON works to bring the connected lifestyle to homes and offices around the world. The new European LED light bulbs add to already substantial product offering in the area, and more products will be added in the coming months, said, Joe Dada, CEO, INSTEON.


The new European LED light bulbs include: 2672-422 LED Bulb (E27) – 9W Edison Screw Base, 2672-432 LED Bulb (B22) – 9W Bayonet Screw Base, 2674-422 LED Bulb for Recessed Lights (E27) – 12W Edison Screw Base and 2674-432 LED Bulb for Recessed Lights (B22) – 12W Bayonet Screw Base.

INSTEON’s dual-band technology uses both the existing wires in the home and radio-frequency (RF) communication than spotty Wi-Fi connections and routers that help to find out where smart devices must be placed to work properly.

By making every networked device talk to each other through RF and the power line, INSTEON do not have any custom wiring and ensures that every device is always connected.

Using remote control and automation to all devices like home monitoring and lighting, its dual-mesh network and devices helps users to manage the home or office in more variations.

INSTEON products can be remotely controlled through apps on iOS and Android devices as well as on Microsoft app for smart phones and tablets.

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