ITRI unveils three new green technologies to help reduce energy consumption

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ITRI unveils three new green technologies to help reduce energy consumption

Greentech Lead Asia: Industrial Technology Research
Institute (ITRI), a high-tech research and development institution in Taiwan,
has introduced three new green technologies: 
Light&Light, SideLighter and AVA-Clamp to help
consumers reduce energy consumption, reach grid parity and save money on energy

Light&Light is the first A19 all-plastic LED
light bulb technology with an illumination angle of 330°. It is
break-resistant and weighs less than 100 grams — half of the competing
LED light bulb. It uses less than 10 watts to produce the same light as
other 60-watt incandescent light bulbs. Its price is 10-20 percent the
cost of competing LED light bulbs. Light&Light can save 85 percent on
light bulb power consumption. 

SideLighter is the first low-cost, high-performance,
transparent, concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar panel to be used for
dual purposes — for energy generation and as a structural panel or
window. The compact physical size of the solar cells costs 93 percent less
to produce than current photovoltaic cells, contributing to a 46 percent
reduction in building CPV solar panels. Its increased effectiveness will
also help to achieve grid parity more quickly.

AVA-Clamp is a low-cost easy-to-use clamp-on voltage
and current meter technology measuring the amount of power used by a
typical household or commercial appliance such as a microwave, television
or industrial machine. This micro-electromechanical system (MEMS)-based
metering technology is a convenient way to monitor and manage energy.
Users can save up to 10 percent of their energy by just learning the
energy consumption of their devices.

 ITRI’s Light&Light, SideLighter and AVA-Clamp
technologies will each receive a 2012 R&D 100 Award in November for
these technologies.

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