The Kind LED grow lights introduce new K5 series

Kind LED grow lights have introduced new K5 Series, the only remote controlled digital spectral tuning and timing grow lights.

The Kind LED K3 series grow light’s performance has induced consumer’s belief again on growers working on half of the wattage cost by not creating overheated rooms.

Studies conducted on them shows the benefit of Kind LED proprietary 12-band perfect spectrum featuring strong IR and UV diodes.

Positioning of a secondary optical lens over each diode increases penetration through the canopy and protecting eyes from hard light, which is visible from the side of other LED lights.

Another important feature of design is the light emission dispersed at non-beneficial angles, not reaching the plant canopy effectively, unlike in competitor LED lights.

Exclusively designed by growers for growers, Kind LED lights boast of quality components, quality craftsmanship, and superior design, which was awarded “2014 Best Grow Light.”


Recently, Inefficient grow rooms worldwide are switching over to balanced purple glow of the Kind LED proprietary 12-band spectrum.

Because of this, temperatures are attaining optimal ranges with best quality plant growth and quality yields per watt.

Manufactured in California, the Kind K5 XL750 & XL1000 are expected to replace 750w & 1000w HID lights, respectively, in footprint, quality, yield, and weight.

The all-in-one K5 Series LED Grow Lights provide benefits of Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium, while eliminating the inefficiencies and complicated setups presented by traditional grow lights.

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