Larson unveils new LED work light ideal for hazardous work sites

Larson Electronics has come forward with a new quadpod mounted 150 watt portable LED work light attached to an adjustable aluminum frame.

This multipurpose explosion proof LED work light produces 12,000 lumens of light and provides 9,000 square feet of work area coverage.

The light consists of a removable 16 inch by 14 inch light head, mounted on a tubular frame pedestal made of lightweight aluminum provided with a handle on top.

The LED light produces an intense flood pattern ideal for illuminating encircled places where flammable gases are present.

In addition, the lamp can be adjusted up or down 90°, locked in to place and retighten once the desired angle is found.

Larson LED

The light head features multiple LED drivers and twelve individual LED boards configured in a series of banks. Each bank contains two LED boards with an individual driver.

A driver failure affects only one bank of LED while other banks continue to operate. In case of an LED failure, the mating LED will continue to operate, increasing the life span of the lamp.

Included with this LED light is 50’ of 16/3 SOOW cord placed inside a reel, which provides sufficient length for tower placement and optimal coverage of the workspace.

This heavy duty unit is perfect for extreme conditions and for overall durability in difficult construction environments.

Larson Electronics’ work lights are designed for industrial, emergency response and military applications for operators to work in harsh environments.

Sabeena Wahid
[email protected]