LEDHotStick.com unveils new LED light strip

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Greentech Lead America: LEDHotStick.com announced a new LED light strip designed for a wide variety of applications.The new 24 inch LED light strip features 185060 SMD LED diodes and a self-adhesive backing while providing more than 270 lumens.Company officials say this is one of the most cost efficient methods for all flat surface lighting needs.

Sample applications include vending machines, cooler/freezer units, over/under counters, task lighting, commercial lighting, and much more.

The new LED  light strips use a very economical 12 volt power supply (sold separately) for extremely low power consumption.

LEDHotStick.com unveils new LED light strip

According to Energy Star LED lighting will “reduce energy costs, using at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting and will last up to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting.” Energy Star also agrees that maintenance costs will be reduced as there are “no bulb-replacements or an ongoing disposal problem.”

LEDHotStick.com offers their new LED Light Strip for $10.99 per strip, and up to six can be connected together by using different length LED to LED wire harnesses (sold separately).

“We are very proud to be able to offer such an inexpensive, reliable lighting solution.” states Jim Lindberg , spokesperson for LEDHotStick.com, “It is such an easy to use product and is extremely universal, making all flat surface installations just about effortless. Not only that, we stand behind our product with a two year no questions asked warranty.”

LEDs to grow to $100 billion over the next decade, says Lux Research

LEDs are projected to grow more than six-fold to nearly $100 billion and power conversion electronics to $15 billion over the next decade as the desire for energy efficiency drives adoption, says Lux Research.

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