Philips unveils first wireless network capable InstantFit LED

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Philips Lighting has launched Philips InstantFit LED T8 lamps with EasySmart technology, a wireless, network-capable linear lamp retrofit, the first such innovation in the industry.

Philips InstantFit LED with EasySmart technology enables intelligent control from the Leviton Wireless Room Controller System with the simplicity of a plug and play installation that reduces energy, effort and costs, the company said.

Upgrading LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% as compared to fluorescent lighting. When enhanced with controls such as dimming, sensor-based occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, the upgraded lighting system can save an additional 20-40% in energy use, Philips claims.

“Philips Lighting’s approach to smart innovation includes both advancing what is possible with LED lighting and making it easy to install and apply,” said Bertrand Vandewiele, LED product marketing lead at Philips Lighting. “Our EasySmart technology is a perfect example to demonstrate that intelligent lighting and simple programming and installation do not have to be mutually exclusive.”

An expansion of Philips Lighting’s existing InstantFit LED platform, EasySmart LED  T8 lamps simply install into existing fixtures without needing to be rewired since they operate on instant start ballasts.

The addition and integration of flexible wireless controls from the Leviton Wireless Room Controller System provides dimming, occupancy or vacancy sensing, multi-zone daylight harvesting, manual control and scene control capabilities.

These intelligent controls capabilities can adapt to different tasks and suit individual preferences, as well as help to promote productivity and comfort in the space.

The wireless technology is built on the ZigBee 3.0 open standard protocol, which allows easy integration of the LED T8’s with a wide variety of control devices and systems.

Encrypted to protect against unwanted intrusion, the lamps can be provisioned for individual and group or zone lamp control based upon a customer’s preferences or task-appropriate presets. The system can easily be programmed and customized to improve energy savings and simplify maintenance operations.

“Leviton is excited to offer the first wireless controls that are compatible with the Philips EasySmart technology,” said Richard Westfall, vice president and general manager of Leviton Energy Management, Controls & Automation.

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