Public Storage saves up to $1.9 million in energy savings with GE LED Lighting

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Public Storage saves up to $1.9 million in energy savings with GE LED Lighting

Greentech Lead America: GE LED lighting is enabling
Public Storage, the owner and operator of self-storage facilities, to save up
to $1.9 million in lighting costs annually.

The company recently began replacing existing T12HO
fluorescent lamps with GE Lighting’s LED sign lighting solutions at
its more than 2,000 locations. Its bright orange and purple box signs and pole
signs help the company stand out, but with as many as eight signs at each
property, electricity and maintenance costs quickly add up.

“Each property is unique. We have multiple buildings at
each location that can be single-story or multi-story buildings, which has made
it difficult to standardize lighting and has led to varied repair and
maintenance costs throughout our portfolio,” said Robbie Williams, vice
president of facilities for Public Storage.

“A third party maintains our LED signage lighting, which
costs up to $1,000 per year per location including energy and upkeep. We really
needed to standardize lighting and maintain information in one database while
reducing our costs.”

Public Storage chose GE Tetra PowerStrip LED
sign lighting to replace the T12 fluorescent tubes in its single-sided and
double-sided box signs at each of its more than 2,000 properties.

Approximately 150 locations will be retrofitted this year
with all properties completed in the next three to five years. Each property is
expected to reduce sign lighting energy consumption by 73 percent, saving an
average of $799 per property over five years (based on a $.11 kWh electricity
rate and 10 hours of use per day).

With a 50,000-hour life rating, the company expects even
larger savings from reduced maintenance costs. The average lifespan for signage
bulbs today is approximately three years, but that can vary by location because
there hasn’t been a single lighting standard to date.

At an average cost of $500 to $800 per location per year
for maintenance, Public Storage has the potential to save between $1 and $1.6
million in annual maintenance costs.

“We now have one spec with GE Tetra PowerStrip so we will
have standardized signage lighting across all locations and the ability to
track warranties. When combined with long life and quality construction, we
will greatly lower ongoing maintenance costs and maintain brand consistency by
minimizing sign outages,” added Williams.

The GE Tetra PowerStrip LED sign lighting system also
delivers improved visual performance through OptiLens — a patented optical
lens technology that helps spread light across a wide viewing angle for uniform
light distribution across the entire sign face.

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