Saint Francis Care installs PureCell systems from UTC Power at two of its Hartford campuses

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Saint Francis Care installs PureCell systems from UTC Power at two of its Hartford campuses

Greentech Lead America: UTC Power, a United Technologies
Corp. company, announced that Saint Francis Care, an integrated healthcare
delivery system established by Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, has
installed PureCell stationary fuel cell systems at two of its campuses in
Hartford to provide clean, reliable power to its facilities.

The PureCell system is an on-site combined cooling,
heating and power generation system that lowers energy costs, increases
operational reliability and contributes to a cleaner environment. Saint Francis
Hospital and Medical Center already installed UTC Power’s previous generation
200 kW fuel cell system to power part of their main campus on Woodland Street
in Hartford. The new PureCell system installations will help both the main
campus and the Mount Sinai campus on Blue Hills Avenue in Hartford to take the
benefits from the strong economic and environmental savings.

“UTC Power is proud that our PureCell systems will
continue to help power Saint Francis – a respected Hartford medical facility
that provides world-class service to patients and families. The energy savings
and environmental benefits offered by these PureCell systems are a great match
for the hospital’s progressive, compassionate health care environment,”
said Joe Triompo, vice president and general manager of UTC Power.

The new PureCell system installations provide the Saint
Francis hospitals with 400 kW of power at each location, satisfying 10 percent
of the main campus’ electricity needs and 42 percent at the Mount Sinai campus.
Additionally, thermal energy from the fuel cells is harnessed to serve heating
loads at both hospitals.

By generating power on-site with PureCell systems, Saint
Francis will offset more than 939 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually – the
equivalent of planting more than 217 acres of trees. The reductions in nitrogen
oxide emissions compared to a conventional power plant are equal to the
environmental benefit of removing 137 cars from the road. The PureCell System
is designed to operate in water balance so there is no consumption or discharge
of water during its operation thus it will also allow the hospital to save over
2.8 million gallons of water annually.


“With fuel cells on each campus, it allows for a
reliable power source on-site. In addition, the high efficiency of the power
plants is a way to save energy while promoting a healthy environment,”
said Robert J. Falaguerra, vice president, Facilities, Support Services and
Construction at Saint Francis.

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