Samsung introduces latest LED lighting solutions

Samsung has announced the launch of its latest range of LED lighting at GITEX 2014, which is affordable, energy efficient and cost effective.

Samsung presented a series of omni-directional bulbs, PAR and MR, and ECG/CCG Tubes to be replaced with incandescent, fluorescent and halogens.

These LEDs are designed as an ideal solution for a wide range of enterprise and individual customers as a replacement for existing lighting system.

Samsung has always invested in innovation to provide customers with the most advanced products. This new LED lighting offering will help customers see significant cost savings based on energy usage as well as having numerous benefits to the environment, said, Khaled Kamel, director, Enterprise Business, Samsung Gulf Electronics.

In addition to focusing efforts on further adoption in these sectors by way of educating those involved in these industries Samsung will be looking to educate the general public about the benefits of LED, both for their own person and for the wider environment, added Kamel.


Under the directive of ESMA, the Government is applying regulations to phase-out of non-efficient halogen and incandescent technologies.

Samsung LED lamps do not contain any toxic materials and LED ECG/CCG compatible RoHS compliant L-Tubes guarantee a greener, cleaner natural light.

Samsung has prepared a plan of instant replacement of old tubes to their LED lighting with no additional installation costs in order to encourage the adoption of LED Lamps and ECG/CCG compatible tubes.

Using plug-and-play simplicity, the lamps are available in a variety of standard sizes and fittings, allowing customers to utilize existing ballasts.

The LED Tubes have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours and reducing time spent on maintenance. In addition, the low energy consumption helps to save up to 54 percent on their electricity consumption.

Customers get the unique experience of a glare-free light with fewer flickers, puts less strain on eyes and zero Ultraviolet (UV) electromagnetic radiation which is useful for workplaces requiring constant bright light such as parking lots, offices, factories and retail shops. The emitted light quality minimalizes long term discoloration or fading of merchandise.

Vishal Kawadkar
[email protected]