SDG&E & Candi Controls unveil Green Button Connect My Data with the launch of PowerTools App

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SDG&E & Candi Controls unveil Green Button Connect My Data with the launch of PowerTools App

Greentech Lead America: San Diego Gas &
Electric (SDG&E) has partnered with Candi Controls to roll out
“Green Button Connect My Data” platform with the launch of their
first app, PowerTools.

The new PowerTools app will help SDG&E customers to
securely identify ways to make smarter choices in their energy use habits and
decisions, improve efficiency and lower costs. Initially available for web
browsers and mobile tablets, the app will soon also be available for additional
platforms including mobile phones and third-party platforms such as Facebook.

Important features of the app include: historical usage
analysis, overview of actual use and savings relative to history, phantom power
load calculation, environmental impact, ability to choose and track energy
saving goals, utility bill payment, current and historic local weather related
to energy usage, and social network goal- and success-sharing functionality.

PowerTools app will be available this month for SDG&E
customers to view their personalized energy use information and use tools to
find new ways to save energy.

Through Green Button Connect My Data, customers can now
authorize third parties to securely access their energy usage data on an
automated and daily basis.

“Instead of waiting to get a bill at the end of the
month, Green Button Connect My Data and the new PowerTools app empower
customers to be more in tune with the way they consume energy and find new ways
to conserve,” said SDG&E president and chief operating
officer Mike Niggli. “This type of innovation would not be
possible without smart meters that provide real-time energy information that
allows SDG&E customers to save money and conserve energy.”

“We’re excited to be working with SDG&E to help
customers benefit from smart grid technology,” said Steve Raschke,
CEO of Candi Controls. “By bringing energy data and advice to customers’
mobile devices, PowerTools can help people identify and measure actions that
result in meaningful cost savings and a healthier environment.”

The Green Button Download My Data and Green Button
Connect My Data tools will soon both be available as part of “Energy
Charts” in the SDG&E My Account Web portal. The PowerTools
app will be available in addition to SDG&E’s apps already
available for customers, with plans to incorporate it into the existing
SDG&E app.

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