Seesmart’s new 15-watt LED tube sets new standard for efficiency and lumen

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Greentech Lead America: Seesmart has released a new 15-watt LED tube lamp that sets a new industry standard for energy efficiency and light output.

The 15-watt LED tube lamp produces a measured efficacy of 112 lumens per watt. With more than 1,700 lumens of light, the lamp is the industry’s most efficient four-foot LED T8 lamp, utilizing the lowest wattage and generating the highest light output available, the company said.

“Our latest 15-watt LED tube lamps offer a new paradigm of efficiency and convenience for solid-state lighting installations,” said Ray Sjolseth, director of engineering for Seesmart. “We believe this is the T8 LED product that many customers have been waiting for.”

The Seesmart LED tube features rotatable end caps that allow easily customized lighting angles by rotating the tube. Unlike typical LED tube lamps, the lightweight LED tubes also feature a true T8 profile with a specially designed internal power supply that distributes the weight equally at both ends. The power supply is carefully designed for high-efficiency, resulting in a high power factor and a low total harmonic distortion (THD).

Seesmart is a division of Revolution Lighting Technologies.

Recently Seesmart has been selected to provide more than 1,000 energy efficient LED lamps to light up Viacom headquarters in Times Square.

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