STMicroelectronics unveils fault management chips for LED lighting applications

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STMicroelectronics unveils fault management chips for LED lighting applications

Greentech Lead India: STMicroelectronics has unveiled
fault-management chip for critical LED lights applications such as vehicle
lights, streetlamps and emergency lights.

ST’s new LED bypass chip, LBP01, offers significantly
lower leakage current and greater design flexibility.

Designing-in the LBP01 improves lamp performance and
reduces operators’ maintenance costs

Industry-standard and reduced-size package options
maximize LBP01’s appeal in multi-billion dollar safety-oriented LED lighting

The new chip, the LBP01, is used in lamps that
comprise multiple channels each containing several LEDs. The LBP01 bypasses
failed LEDs so that the lamp can continue producing near-maximum illumination.
This improves performance and safety, and can yield valuable savings for
operators such as city authorities, as the total cost of replacing a streetlamp
can be as much as $700.

By offering the flexibility to use one bypass for every
two LEDs, LBP01 enables designers to reduce bill-of-materials costs, as
competing devices typically can only bypass one LED each. It also provides
built-in surge protection to help prevent LED failures occurring.

Markets for safety-oriented LED signage and lighting,
including automotive lighting and streetlighting, are predicted to exceed $5
billion by 2015. The LBP01 can also be used to enhance LED-backlight longevity
in LCD panels for a wide variety of applications.

To maximize design-in opportunities, ST is offering the
LBP01 in two package options giving designers the choice of a 3.95 x 5.6 mm SMB
package to replace competing devices directly or a 3 x 3.05 mm SOT23-5 package
enabling a more compact solution.

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