Wabash Valley Power deploys Siemens Demand Response Management System solution

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Wabash Valley Power deploys Siemens Demand Response Management System solution

Greentech Lead America: Siemens announced that Wabash
Valley Power Association (WVPA), a generation and transmission cooperative, has
deployed Siemens Demand Response Management System (DRMS) solution.

Siemens DRMS enables WVPA to shed load across multiple
distribution systems utilizing several different demand response programs,
verify load shed, calculate baselines, and automate customer billing and
settlement without cumbersome processes that previously required multiple
spreadsheets for calculation.

“This successful implementation and launch of the
Siemens DRMS at WVPA strongly positions Siemens in the utility demand response
marketplace. This project is an example of how Siemens successfully partners
with utilities to create innovative and practical demand response
solutions,” said Thierry Godart, president of Siemens Smart Grid division.

In 2011, Siemens implemented eMeter EnergyIP meter data
management system (MDMS) platform for WVPA. The systems are allowing for all
data to be passed to and from both systems.   

The Siemens DRMS platform allows WVPA to utilize the
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) networks deployed at their Member
distribution cooperatives with eMeter EnergyIP to create a solution that uses
bi-directional communication for real-time load reductions and timely
measurement and verification of demand response events. The robust Validation,
Estimation and Editing (VEE) functionality in the MDMS ensures the data shared
between the systems is current and accurate.

By using Siemens DRMS, WVPA can calculate baseline load
curves via data collected from roughly 400 substations across 26 Member
distribution cooperatives. This will allow WVPA to schedule load shed events in
several ways and validate that the load shed has occurred, while tracking
actual kW of load shed from a granular level of a single program participant to
distribution substations and up to as many substations as necessary.

“For WVPA, demand response provides us the ability
to avoid the need to purchase future peaking power plants thus reducing costs.
The Siemens DRMS allows WVPA to create, manage and enroll end-use consumers
into demand response programs,” said Andrew Horstman, manager of Load
Response at WVPA.

Recently, Burlington Electric Department selected
Siemens for the sale
and implementation of the eMeter EnergyIP meter data management (MDM) platform.

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