Air Liquide buys renewable natural gas plant from Jacoby Energy

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Air Liquide buys renewable natural gas plant from Jacoby Energy

Greentech Lead America: Air Liquide Advanced Technologies
has purchased the renewable natural gas assets of Georecover, a subsidiary of
Jacoby Energy Development.

The deal will include the company’s landfill gas
processing facility in Conley, near Atlanta. The Conley facility, which uses
Air Liquide’s MEDAL membrane technology, processes landfill gas from the
adjacent Live Oak landfill, generating up to 1,500 MWh of renewable natural gas
daily to be transported via pipeline. This natural gas can be used as a
feedstock for renewable hydrogen, renewable compressed or liquefied natural gas
or to generate renewable electricity.

The acquisition is part of Air Liquide Group’s global
strategy of bringing sustainable, clean energy solutions to customers
worldwide. The target markets include manufacturers and retailers that have
committed to utilizing an increasing percentage of their raw materials from
renewable sources, as well as municipalities and state governments.

“This acquisition further establishes Air Liquide as a
leader in clean energy solutions and helps position us for increased growth in
this important marketplace. We continue to develop and offer innovative
solutions to meet the needs of customers and help ensure reliable and clean
energy for our nation,” said Michael Graff, president and CEO of American Air
Liquide Holdings.

Air Liquide technology innovations are part of an
advanced, turn-key clean energy offeringthat can produce pipeline-ready natural
gas from municipal solid waste from landfills, agricultural waste and
wastewater treatment gases to fuel a variety of sustainable clean energy

“Developing the Live Oak landfill gas facility was a
natural outgrowth of our commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. I
am pleased to see this important project pass into the hands of another company
committed to sustainability, Air Liquide,” said James F. Jacoby, chairman and
CEO of The Jacoby Group.

There are approximately 20 landfill gas-to-renewable
natural gas sites operating in the U.S. today. Most of the sites installed
since 2006 are utilizing proprietary membrane technology supplied by Air
Liquide’s MEDAL division.

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