Air-Trak and Intermec sign Specialty Solid Waste for RFID tracking system

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Air-Trak and Intermec sign Specialty Solid Waste for RFID tracking system

Greentech Lead America: Air-Trak and Intermec announced
their partnership with Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling to deploy RFID tracking system.

The new system is designed to track the delivery of bins
and carts, recording waste collection by location, time, and bin or cart size in real-time.

Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling provides garbage
and recycling services to around 29,000 residential addresses, 23,000 multi-family addresses and 3,000
commercial addresses in City of Sunnyvale.

Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling faced several
challenges including recording of billing information based on bin or cart size and the actual time of service.
Moreover, Specialty was looking for a way to improve customer service by capturing the time when an
address is serviced and recording why an address was not serviced.

Air-Trak and Intermec joined hands to create a recording
system based on Intermec’s RFID solution integrated with Air-Trak’s WasteConnect GPS tracking

The solution is integrated with Specialty’s customer
management, inventory management, and service management business systems. Specialty now knows which
bin or cart has been serviced for which customer at what location and time. The end result is an
accurate accounting of service and a customer support system to respond to service inquiries.

“With the implementation of this RFID system we are
able to provide better services to the City of Sunnyvale and timely response to customer
inquiries,” said Jerry Nabhan, operations officer at Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling.

“By working with Specialty Solid Waste, we have a
better understanding of the business challenges within the solid waste industry to become increasingly
efficient while improving the customer experience,” said Dave Gelvin, CEO of Air-Trak.


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