AmbiCom inks deal to distribute Soladey Solar Toothbrushes in North America

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AmbiCom inks deal to distribute Soladey Solar Toothbrushes in North America

Greentech Lead America: AmbiCom Holdings, a developer of
wireless products for the medical industry, announced that its subsidiary
E-Care USA has signed a distribution agreement with Soladey International to
distribute Soladey Solar Toothbrushes and refills in North America.

The dental hygiene market in North America is huge,
totaling approximately $4 billion dollars and controlled primarily by three
major companies.

“We believe that with increasing consumer demand for
environmentally-friendly and natural products there exists a unique opportunity
for Soladey Solar Toothbrushes to be a new and exciting product in this
category,” said John Hwang, chairman of AmbiCom.

According to research, this toothbrush is more effective
for plaque removal than an ordinary toothbrush and the ionic action in the
saliva is naturally antibacterial and continues even after brushing.

The Soladey contains a titanium (metal) ionic conducting
rod, which runs through the replaceable bristle head and into the handle. This
rod is the key secret to Soladey, being made of patented solar conducting
material that allows light, by photoelectric activity to be converted into a
natural energy source that kills the harmful bacteria in the mouth and without
use of batteries that must be disposed of properly.

The Soladey J3X is a new model of this toothbrush that
uses the semiconductor technology and principles as the original Soladey eco,
but with the added efficiency of an integrated solar panel.

It is developed in Japan by Yoshinori Nakagawa. First
manufactured some 25 years ago, this light activated toothbrush is now used
daily by millions of people in Japan and other countries.

AmbiCom will be distributing both the toothbrush, with
its suggested retail price of $59 as well as replacement heads (packaged four
to a package at a suggested retail price of $29).

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