Ascentium joins Noesis’s efficiency project financing program

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Noesis Energy, the financing marketplace for energy efficiency projects, has announced that Ascentium has joined its syndicate of efficiency lenders that use Noesis to connect with more than 100 energy-efficiency companies that collectively propose over $1 billion in projects annually.

Noesis is the lending marketplace providing energy savings and technical underwriting information to assist in project justification and financing worthiness.

Ascentium is ranked as the fifth-largest private-independent finance companyin US that specialize in equipment financing, leasing and working capital solutions.

Noesis Efficiency Finance Finder
Ascentium’s proprietary credit underwriting platform, combined with Noesis’ technical project underwriting, will deliver quick finance quotes to Noesis’ project developers.

Energy efficiency investments provide an opportunity to generate a positive cash flow for building owners. The affordable financing, combined with energy-saving equipment, can drive a substantial return on investment, said Pat Kistler, SVP, sales, Ascentium.

Ascentium’s financing will be presented as part of Noesis’ Efficiency Finance Finder, which lets project developers include financing on proposals to building owners. The quote system is a major capability of Noesis’ marketplace.

Noesis performs a technical risk profile and ROI analysis, enabling lenders to consider the merits of the project. Lenders can adjust underwriting to factor in the attractive cash-flow attributes of energy projects and offer the most competitive terms.

Ascentium brings the right combination of informed and innovative underwriting to the table, and is positioned to consider and understand the impact of a project’s cash flows and the building owner’s credit, commented, Scott Harmon, founder, CEO, Noesis Energy.

With Ascentium Capital, Noesis focus on the multi-billion dollar opportunity in energy-efficiency financing attached to projects that improve operating profits and property values of commercial buildings.

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