Ballard ClearGen clean energy fuel cell system selected by Azure Hydrogen, China

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Greentech Lead Canada: Ballard Power Systems announced its 175 kilowatt (kW) ClearGen distributed generation fuel cell system has been deployed at Azure Hydrogen Energy Science and Technology Corporation of Beijing, China.

Azure is Ballard’s partner in China with a focus on development and enhancement of hydrogen energy technology for a variety of applications in that marketplace.

Grand Mao, chairman of Azure said, “The market for stationary fuel cell power has significant potential in China. Projects such as the deployment of this 175 kilowatt ClearGen system represent an important step in continuing to grow market awareness of fuel cell products in my country.”

“Ballard and Azure have worked together in deploying our hydrogen-fuelled ElectraGen-H2 products for backup power trials with China Mobile,” said Larry Stapleton, Ballard’s vice president of Sales. “We are pleased that our partner will now also be pursuing larger stationary fuel cell opportunities in China using our ClearGen product.”

The ClearGen system is scalable to meet the hydrogen availability and power requirements of any particular site. Earlier in 2013, Ballard also announced the sale of a 175 kW ClearGen system to a customer in California. Repeat builds have helped to optimize the system, leading to a smaller footprint and improved serviceability.

Product cost reductions and market introduction of the ClearGen system has been enabled by funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), an arm’s-length, not-for-profit corporation funded by the Government of Canada that helps commercialize Canadian clean technologies, readying them for growth and export markets.

Ballard to supply clean energy fuel cell module to power Connecticut bus

Ballard Power Systems recently signed a supply agreement with the Center for Transportation and the Environment for a 150 kilowatt FCvelocityTM-HD6 fuel cell module to be integrated into a bus that will be deployed with CTTransit in Hartford, Connecticut.

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