California Air Resources approves Hug mobiclean diesel filter to improve air quality


California Air Resources approves Hug mobiclean diesel filter to improve air quality

By Greentech Lead Team: Hug
Filtersystems announced that the California Air Resources Board (ARB) has
verified the Hug Filtersystems mobiclean R diesel particulate filter for use
with most non EGR on-road diesel vehicles from 1991 to 2006.

The mobiclean R system provides
emission reductions of diesel particulate matter by at least 85 percent and is
designated as a California Level 3 Plus system. It can be applied to diesel
engines from 3.4 to 16 liters (100 to 600 horsepower) in any type of on-road

Temperature requirements are 200
degrees Celsius for 15 percent of the time in a duty cycle. Hug diesel
particulate filters are compliant with both US EPA and CARB needs to provide
maximum PM emission reductions for a wide range of on-road diesel applications.
This allows Hug to market and install systems to support California and U.S.
fleet regulations and air quality improvement efforts.

Due to stringent emission standards,
engines are being equipped with extensive exhaust after treatment technologies.
This applies to mobile installations in transport vehicles, locomotives,
shipping vessels and stationary applications.

Operating within the ElringKlinger
Group, Hug has developed its new catalytic CleanCoat coating material to meet
the California emission requirements.

Common diesel particulate filters
that are available today require periodic cleaning as often as 2-3 times a year
to prevent plugging of the filter. The Hug Filtersystems mobiclean R filter
does not require any filter cleaning due to its sophisticated self-cleaning

“As being one of the few
single-source manufacturers, we own and control every step of the production
process. With the new CleanCoat material we were able to create a diesel
particulate filter system that is basically maintenance-free,” said Peter
Bruenke, director Sales & Marketing of Hug Filtersystems.

“We think, that the advantages
of the new Hug mobiclean® R filter system are so convincing and making our
filter the perfect choice for a lot of applications that could not be
retrofitted so far,” said Heiri Hafner, managing director, Hug Filtersystems.

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