Citra-Shield outdoor cleaning system goes for GSA Schedules

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Citra-Shield, provider of environmentally safe outdoor cleaning systems, plans to expand sales of their Citra-Shield BioCide cleaning system by applying for a GSA Schedule and pursuing federal contracts.

GSA Schedules is utilized as a means of procuring goods and services enabling the companies on these schedules that have been qualified and thoroughly examined by the General Services Administration (GSA), by government officials.

The opportunity to service government accounts opens up more opportunities in market helping to achieve company’s goal of expanding environmentally-safe Citra-Shield cleaning product, states, Joseph E. Macomber Jr, vice president, Citra-Shield.

Besides, this technology has been adopted throughout the country as the product that facilitates the exterior washing of surfaces that may contain Mold, Mildew, Fungus and Algae without damaging roofs, sidewalks, stone sculptures, siding, wood, awnings or plants, added Macomber.

Citra-Shield is used to help maintain the exterior of the attractions, buildings, sidewalks, water slides, awnings, and custom painted surfaces keeping them clean and free of algae, moss, lichen, and mildew.

This green cleaning system replaces the old technique of pressure washing and scrubbing.

Moreover, CitraShield has been involved with most of the Key Theme Parks in the country.

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