Clean Earth opens new recycling facility in Florida

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Clean Earth opens new recycling facility in Florida

Greentech Lead Team:
Earth announced the opening of their new location, Clean Earth of Southern
Florida (CESF), in Moore Haven, Florida. 

Clean Earth
of Southern Florida is a Florida Department of Environmental Protection
permitted non-hazardous soil treatment, processing and recycling facility
accepting non-hazardous petroleum contaminated soils from remediation sites.
Using a thermal treatment process, the material treated at this facility will
be beneficially reused as fill material or landfill cover.  

Clean Earth
of Southern Florida will provide turnkey services to transport, treat, and
recycle contaminated soils derived from various construction sites or
spills.  Additional services such as soil project management, soil
testing, and environmental support services will also be available to Florida

contaminated materials is the core of our business. The strong regulatory
framework in Florida promotes both environmental importance and our business
model. At Clean Earth we have planned for smart growth and a sustainable
future,” said Chris Dods, president and CEO of Clean Earth.

In addition
to Clean Earth of Southern Florida, Clean Earth owns and operates nine
additional facilities throughout the northeast.  Treatment platforms at
these locations consist of bioremediation, chemical fixation of RCRA hazardous
waste, thermal desorption, aggregate production, drill cuttings and pipeline
cuttings, and stabilization of dredged material.

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