Clean Energy Pathways adds BioClean-Coal to product portfolio

Clean Energy Pathways

Clean Energy Pathways adds BioClean-Coal to product portfolio

Greentech Lead America: Clean Energy Pathways, a company
focused on multiple solutions to aid businesses and government facilities in
attaining energy independence, reduced costs, and a cleaner environment, has
added BioClean-Coal coal cleaning catalyst to its coal fired utility line of
environmental products.

BioClean-Coal is an environmentally safe liquid coal
treatment that is sprayed directly to the coal on the conveyor belt, before the
coal mill. This treated coal is then burned in the boiler, providing an
effective combustion catalyst.

This treatment will help increase BTU values and flame
temperatures and also reduces ash residue. This higher combustion results in
less carbon build-up on boiler tubes and walls, resulting in improved boiler

“We are very pleased to introduce BioClean-Coal as a
complementary product to our Biofuels. We now become a one stop shop for coal
fired utilities to not only clean up our environment but also help utilities in
meeting renewable fuel generated power output,” said Jon Chynoweth,
director of Marketing Clean Energy Pathways.

Burning will be much cleaner where gaseous products of combustion
are less polluting stack discharges will contain much less fly ash with reduced
amounts of Sulfur Dioxide, Caron Monoxide, Unburned Hydrocarbons and Oxides of

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