Clean World Partners opens high-solid organic waste conversion facility

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Clean World Partners opens high-solid organic waste conversion facility

Greentech Lead America: Clean World Partners has opened
commercial high-solid organic waste conversion facility at American River
Packaging’s Sacramento headquarters.

The Clean World Organic Waste Recycling Center converts
food waste, agricultural residue and other organic waste into renewable energy,
fertilizer and soil enhancements. It is based on anaerobic digestion technology
developed at UC Davis.

The Clean World system installed at American River
Packaging (ARP), a producer of corrugated packaging products, will convert 7.5
tons of food waste from Campbell Soup and other regional food producers along
with .5 tons of unrecyclable corrugated material from ARP into natural gas.

Clean World Partners said the natural gas will be used to
generate approximately 1,300 kWh of renewable electricity per day, supplying
about 37 percent of ARP’s electricity needs.

The center will be diverting more than 2,900 tons of
waste from landfills. 1,000 tons of organic soil amendments will be produced
for regional agricultural and horticultural applications.

Clean World said its digesters can process organic solid
waste with up to 50 percent solid content without adding water.

Moreover, Clean World’s systems are more efficient and
flexible than other existing AD systems. Rapid waste throughput also requires
less water for processing, reducing tank size and manufacturing costs, enabling
economical AD applications in a wide range of industries and settings.

“Our technology is revolutionary because it enables
businesses and communities to tap their own waste streams in their desired
environment to generate affordable renewable energy. We expect that it will
lead rapidly to more widespread implementation of commercial organic waste
conversion solutions,” said Michele Wong, Clean World Partners chief
executive officer.

“Installing the Clean World Partners system at our
facility makes sense from an environmental and economical standpoint,” said
Tom Kandris, CEO of American River Packaging.

Also currently under construction is a 100-ton per day
Clean World system in south Sacramento expected to open in late spring.

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