DyStar joins sustainable apparel coalition

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DyStar joins sustainable apparel coalition

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Lead Team: DyStar, a coloration specialist for the textile industry, has joined
the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), a collaborative venture established in
2011 by apparel retailers, suppliers and manufacturers with participation from
academics and NGOs.

With this step, DyStar continues their efforts in reducing
the environmental and social impacts of the apparel production.

SAC aims to
develop an Apparel Index which takes a full life-cycle view of an apparel
product and identifies all major social and environmental impacts along the
production chain from cradle to grave.

Dyes and
chemicals are a key area of interest for the SAC because they have a major environmental impact at the wet processing stage of
fabric production.

already works closely with many of the brand and retailer members of the SAC in
creating seasonal color palettes through its Color Solutions International
business and ensuring compliance of its products with Restricted Substance List
requirements through its econfidence program.

membership of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition signifies our commitment to
working together with our partners in the industry to deliver systemic change
in the way that textiles are manufactured globally,” said Harry Dobrowolski,
president of the DyStar Group.

DyStar has a
long history of action to reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain.
Through its Sustainable Textile Service program for brands and retailers DyStar
can help to improve communication on chemical requirements along the supply
chain and to minimize the risk of costly product recalls due to chemical

Through its
global network of technical experts DyStar also assists in identifying ways of
reducing the overall water and energy consumption of textile mill processing.

thrilled to have DyStar join the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. We look forward
to their participation in building and implementing the Coalition’s
sustainability index to measure and improve sustainability initiatives
throughout the entire industry,” said Jason Kibbey, newly appointed CEO of
the SAC.

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