EcoPlanet Bamboo acquires SA Bamboo to expand to South Africa


EcoPlanet Bamboo acquires SA Bamboo to expand to South Africa

By GreenTech Lead Team: U.S.- based EcoPlanet Bamboo
Group announced that they have launched EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa, to
expand their global operations. They have also acquired SA Bamboo Corp and
hired its founder and director, Jan Adriaan van Zyl, as EcoPlanet Bamboo South
Africa’s new President.

“Our acquisition of SA Bamboo Corp and the leadership of
Jan Adrian van Zyl allows us to benefit from 4 years of research &
development, operating experience, established mature bamboo nurseries, and a
series of pilot plantation projects within South Africa’s Eastern Cape which is
one of the Country’s poorest states,” said Troy
Wiseman CEO of EcoPlanet Bamboo Group.  

EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern African operations will focus
to replace traditional hardwood products currently harvested from natural
forests, with certified bamboo products like Bambusa
balcooa. EcoPlanet Bamboo will
capitalize on the increasing shortage of charcoal and fuel wood within the

Bamboo can be substituted for structural components,
flooring, decking and laminates, and many other products conventionally made
out of wood.

The company plans to begin its first South African farm,
an 800 acre degraded pineapple farm in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and expects
to create over 300 jobs in 2012.

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