EDF Renewable Energy transfers CID Solar Project to Dominion

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Dominion technologies will acquire CID Solar Project, developed by EDF Renewable Energy (EDF RE), as per a deal signed by both companies.

The asset sale agreement will terminate once the installation completes. After this, EDF RE will be looking after project commissioning and operation.

CID Solar Project, located at Kings Country, California, is designed as 27MW peak/20MW AC ground-mount facility consisting of First Solar Series 3 solar photovoltaic modules. The construction work of the project started in June 2014 and is expected to finish by late 2014.

Clean energy generated from the project will be delivered to Pacific Gas and electric Company (PG&E) under a 20 -year power purchase scheme. PG&E is already consuming 454 MW of renewable energy produced by EDF RE for the last 24 years.

Raphael Declercq, director, divestiture and Portfolio management, EDF RE, said, “Collaboration of the company with Dominion on asset sales activity highlighting their solar energy efficiency is a significant step. According to the agreement EDF RE can implement its project handling experience for meeting the customer demands to develop customized renewable energy asset portfolio.”

EDF RE is seasoned renewable energy developers of North America with total projects producing 5.7 GW in hand.

The Dominion group deals with production and transportation of energy. From renewable energy projects they generate around 23,600 MW of capacity of power in addition to the management of natural gas pipe lines and electric transmission lines. Dominion currently serves customers of 15 states equipped with a natural gas storage unit of 947 billion cubic feet capacity.

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