Endurance Wind Power sets up third turbine on test site in Scotland

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Endurance Wind Power sets up third turbine on test site in Scotland

Greentech Lead America: Endurance Wind Power (EWP), a
manufacturer of wind turbines, has commissioned a third turbine for use on a
new test site in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The purpose of the new site will be to authenticate the
E-3120 turbine’s energy production capabilities and to certify and validate the
power curve. Endurance Wind Power has two other test sites, one in Quebec,
Canada, and the other in Utah, in the United States.

“It is a unique position for a company in the
distributed wind sector to have three separately located, instrumented test
units around the world. Our test fleets enhance the depth of our design and
development capabilities and provide the opportunity for Endurance to pursue
new product testing for design, safety, durability, performance, and low
operational acoustics in a broad variety of wind and environmental
conditions,” said Daryl Musselman, VP of Engineering, EWP Endurance Wind Power.

The company said that the new site will be set up in TUV
NEL test site. TUV NEL is a provider of research, testing, and technical
consulting for more than 60 years.

“As an industry, test sites like these together with
the new Feed-In-Tariff’s (FIT) program rates further emphasize the demand for
reliable and certified turbines for end-consumers. Our third party
certification will provide additional consumer security and confidence in the
E-3120. This investment will broaden our ability to provide an exceptionally
well designed, tested, and certified wind turbine to the market,” said
Peter Tyszewicz, chief operating officer, EWP.

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