ENERCON receives patent for nuclear reactor filter system

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ENERCON receives patent for nuclear reactor filter system

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ENERCON, an engineering, environmental and technical consulting
energy company, has received patents for a filter medium for strainers used in
nuclear reactor Emergency Core Cooling Systems (ECCS).

product called “Debris Bypass Eliminator” is a secondary filter
system that works with the ECCS sump strainer to reduce or eliminate the
fibrous debris material in cooling water entering the reactor core. 

Bypass Eliminator was developed in response to the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission’s Generic Safety Issue, GSI-191, “Assessment of Debris
Accumulation on PWR Sump Performance.”

product responds to a Loss of Coolant Accident. During long-term recirculation,
cooling of the reactor core fibrous debris material could bypass through the
ECCS sump strainer and potentially block cooling water flow paths in the
reactor core,” said John Richardson, president, ENERCON.

nuclear power plants in the United States have the ENERCON Debris Bypass
Eliminator installed in their ECCS sump strainers. The Debris Bypass Eliminator
has helped these plants address one of the major safety issues in the U.S.
nuclear power industry. 

is currently working with other nuclear plants to explore how the Debris Bypass
Eliminator may enhance the performance of their current ECCS sump
strainers.  We are also assessing the ability of this product to help
other electric and industrial plants address cooling water issues associated
with their facilities,” said Aaron Smith, patent inventor and engineering

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