Energy Star aids to achieve considerable energy saving in US

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Energy Star has helped American consumers and businesses save over one billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and approximately $110 billion on their utility bills, reports The White House Blog.

Consumers and businesses have saved #300 billion on utility bills in the last 22 years because of EPA’s Energy Star program, since President Obama has taken office.

During the same period, two billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions were avoided, or the equivalent to the annual emissions of more than 420 million cars.

With the help of blue ENERGY STAR label, people are doing their part to reduce greenhouse emissions and combat climate change.

This program has provided consumers with guidance to save energy and money while protecting the environment.


On ENERGY STAR Day, consumers and officials are celebrating the program accomplishments, highlighting the partnership between businesses, consumers, and the government to find ways to save money and fight climate change.

Throughout October, the ENERGY STAR Community Service Tour will be held in partnership with private- and public-sector organizations with efforts on improving the quality of life through energy efficiency service projects.

As part of the program, an energy-saving revamping will be done at the Edgewood, Maryland Boys and Girls Club for energy-efficient lights with upgrades to appliances.

In addition, Denver Housing Authority building will increase the comfort of residents and save energy, water and money.

Besides, in partnership with a non-profit housing facility for homeless veterans in Phoenix there are plans to celebrate an energy efficiency upgrade, covering ENERGY STAR­ certified lighting, appliances, insulation and many more.

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