GDT Tek invests $50,000 into Green USA Recycling

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GDT Tek invests $50,000 into Green USA Recycling

Greentech Lead U.S: GDT Tek announced it has
invested $50,000 into a GreenUSA Recycling project in the form
of 200,000 shares of restricted stock based on an agreed value
of $.25 per share. 

GDTK and GUSAR are both focused on solutions to reducing
and eliminating waste and creating energy with the by-products of waste
elimination. This expansion of the relationship is just the beginning of the
implementation of a new and expansive partnership that will encompass many
aspects of both companies’ technologies.  

Green USA Recycling, Corp., recycles 100
percent of waste material thereby eliminating the need for landfills. The
company recycles waste products to RDF Pellets, Organic Fertilizer,
Electricity, and many other products and is driving its adoption by power
plants and other waste-heat generating industries.

This new business relationship will result in GDT Tek
providing waste heat Phoenix units at their electric generation
facilities recovering heat from the operations supplying electricity for the
power grid.  

Bo Linton president of GDT TEK, said, “This is
the first step in solidifying our LOI executed last month, and we are now
working on expanding our relationship with Green USA. Once our first
facility is operational with Green USA, it will be a showcase site for our
pollution free waste heat to electricity technology.”

Don Willis, president of
Green USA Recycling Corp, said, “Our growing relationship with
GDT Tek is important to our plans as we continue to grow our presence in the
waste to energy market.”

Green USA Recycling is a Zero Landfill
recycler. 100 percent of the material we receive is recycled for re-use or
recycled into energy.

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