GlacialLight adds GL-FL60 water resistant LED flood lighting

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GlacialLight adds GL-FL60 water resistant LED flood lighting

Greentech Lead India: GlacialLight has added the GL-FL60,
a 60W AC-input LED Flood Light with Philips Lumileds LED chips, to its energy
efficient LED flood light series.

The GL-FL60 provides bright and pleasing
illumination suitable for indoor and outdoor retail, commercial, and industrial
external lighting applications.

This flood light is especially suited to be used as architectural
lighting for buildings and monuments. With proper positioning of these flood
lights, beautiful details can be brought alive during night.

 As the GL-FL60 Flood Light can accept a wide range
of AC voltages — from 100 to 277 volts — it is suitable for a variety of
operating environments. Its ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures
(-20 degreesC ~ +40 degreesC) and the IP66 certificated water-resistant design
means this flood light to be used in nearly all weather conditions.

Compared to equivalent mercury flood lights, this LED
flood light consumes far less power for the same light output. The whole
fixture of GL-FL60-WW delivers the luminous efficacy of 63
lumens per watt, and the GL-FL60-CW has a luminous efficacy of
72 lumens per watt.

The GL-FL60 is sold in two different versions with
varying beam angles: 20 degrees for spot light applications or 60 degrees for
flood light applications. The smaller 20 degrees beam angle illuminates with a
direct beam, and the wider 60 degrees beam angle provides gentler lighting
across a larger area. Upon request, GlacialLight can also fit this flood light
for broader beam angles.

Two color temperatures are available.
The GL-FL60-WW provides warm illumination at 3000K (Warm White) with
a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 85, while the GL-FL60-CW has a
bright daylight-like 5700K (Cool White) beam and a CRI of 70. Both of the
variants provide a power factor of 0.98 at 120V AC, and a power factor of 0.94
at 240V AC.

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