Global biopesticide market to produce $4,369.88 m by 2019

The global biopesticides market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.0 percent and is projected to generate a value of $4,369.88 million by 2019, according to Research and Markets.

Vast incidence of damage caused by pests and increasing population are the key drivers that will contribute to the growth of this market.

The competition faced by the market is due to the presence of large number of firms playing in the market.

New product launches, partnerships and collaborations are the key strategies adopted by market players to ensure their growth in the market.

Efficient input is needed from agriculture and horticulture growers, who face significant challenges to maximize the returns on their investments.

A range of microbial and biochemical biopesticides are used to protect the crop from insect pests, pathogens, and weeds. Thus, biopesticides help to uphold crop health thereby increasing its salability.

In organic production systems, eco-friendly biopesticides which include organic ingredients represent the most significant crop protection tools that a grower has to produce a quality crop.

The market is dominated by players such as AgraQuest (U.S.), Marrone Bio Innovations (U.S.), Certis USA (U.S.), and Koppert Biological Systems (The Netherlands).

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