Grundfos Pumps, NDTV launch Mission Energy in India

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Grundfos Pumps India, in partnership with NDTV, has launched Mission Energy, a campaign designed to create awareness about the importance of saving energy and to provide ideas to conserve energy.

The campaign aims to draw attention to the power of individuals in creating a cleaner and greener future. Mission Energy is supported by AEEE as Energy Efficiency Partner and CII as Knowledge Partner.
In order to meet India’s growing energy demand, it is important to not only increase electricity-generating capacity, preferably through renewable sources but also use energy efficiently, Grundfos said.

In fact energy conservation is less expensive than energy generation. In the light of this, Mission Energy will actively engage with the country’s leading experts, policy makers, conservationists, leading industry voices and NGOs to highlight the growing requirement for energy efficiency in India.

Mission Energy is an attempt towards promoting energy efficiency at all levels in the country, said Ranganath N. K., managing director, Grundfos India.

Vikram Chandra, Group CEO, NDTV

The campaign will also reach out to the general public to create awareness on how, at an individual level too, one can contribute towards energy conservation.

Mission Energy will raise awareness about these issues that affect each one of us and help chart out a roadmap to a sustainable future. The campaign will also call attention to the need for stringent energy efficiency norms and encourage corporates to develop and promote energy efficient products.

Speaking about the campaign, Vikram Chandra, Group CEO, NDTV said, “Through this campaign we aim to highlight viable solutions that can be adopted, both at an individual level as well as across the country, and inspire people to join us to work towards a cleaner, greener future.”

NDTV in association with CII will also conduct the Mission Energy Challenge to demonstrate how an organization/individual through small but focused efforts can make a difference to the Planet Earth.

A hundred participants across four user categories: manufacturing companies, commercial buildings, educational institutes and residential homes would be involved in this challenge.

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