Hyperion Power Generation to deploy Hyperion Reactor at DOE Savannah river site

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Hyperion Power Generation to deploy Hyperion Reactor at DOE Savannah river site

Greentech Lead America: Hyperion Power Generation (HPG),
the Department of Energy  Savannah River (DOE-SR), and Savannah River
National Laboratory (SRNL) have collaborated to deploy a Hyperion reactor at
the DOE Savannah river site.

Their agreement include target dates for land use, site
services, and technical assistance agreements, with licensing to be
accomplished under the authority of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

“Securing a first site is a key contributor toward our
continued forward progress. The Savannah River Site and the Southeast region
have the skilled workforce and an optimal site to support the next generation
of advanced nuclear power technology,” said Bob Prince, CEO, Hyperion Power

Hyperion Power Generation designs a nuclear reactor
referred to as the Hyperion Power Module (HPM) under the licence from Los
Alamos National Laboratory. The HPM design uses uranium nitride fuel and
lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) coolant to produce 25 megawatts (MW) electric. The
reactor vessel is to be sealed at the factory, sited underground, and replaced
with a new module after a designed core life of ten years.

The HPM will provide safe and reliable power that is
available 24/7, emitting no greenhouse gasses, and operate without on-site

“We have a unique combination of nuclear knowledge and
laboratory expertise, infrastructure, location and much more to make the Site a
natural fit for advancing the small modular reactor technology,” said Dr. Dave
Moody, manager, DOE-SR.

Recently, founders of Hyperion Power Generation launched  a
startup, IX Power LLC. The new company will focus on commercializing energy and
water technology from LANL.

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