Incompatible smart meters cause metering woes in UK

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Smart meters in the UK are reportedly losing their ‘smart’ness when the utility powering them is switched to a different one.

A report by The Telegraph states that 1.5 million smart meters installed in homes across the country aren’t designed to be compatible with specifications of rival utilities.

And the problem will be solved only with the introduction of a new centralised communications network, due in April 2016, the government has stated.

“This crucial limitation of the £11bn roll-out is not being properly explained to households,” The Telegraph has reported citing critics.

The report explains that the meters are supposed to record household energy use every 30 minutes and send the information directly to energy companies. It means customers pay only for the power they use.

But once the meters are supplied power from a different utility, they lose such smart functionality and serve the purpose of a conventional meter.

The advertising for smart meters, however, continues to tell customers that the devices are able to provide details of their energy use in pounds and pence, besides sending energy data to suppliers.

Such a situation cannot be ruled out in any part of the world where systems are growing to become more compatible with new technologies.

However, for developing countries, such as India, which are investing heavily in renewable energy development, keeping pace with technological advancements could pose a greater challenge if such issues crop up.

Ajith Kumar S

[email protected]

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