India, Australia to establish research center for clean energy technology

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Academic institutions in India and Australia are cooperating to start a center for bilateral collaboration in energy-related research and technology development.

The focus of the center will be on renewable energy and fossil fuels, particularly on clean coal technologies.

Australia-based Curtin University and Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (Jharkhand), are signatories to an agreement for establishment and operation of Australia-India Joint Research Centre for coal and energy technology.

The center will offer PhD training, technology development, student and staff exchange, shared use of research facilities, joint research projects and publications and workshops and symposia.

Curtin University vice-chancellor Deborah Terry signed the agreement during her recent trip to India.

According to a report, the Australian node of the center will be directed by Professor Chun-Zhu Li of Curtin University’s Fuels and Energy Technology Institute.

Professor Chun-Zhu has stated that the clean energy technologies to be developed by the center could bring economic benefits to Australia and India.

Ajith Kumar S

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