India Telecom Policy: TRAI gives special thrust on green telecom technologies in revised draft

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India Telecom Policy: TRAI gives special thrust on green telecom technologies in revised draft

Greentech Lead India:
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has sent a revised draft document
on National Telecom Policy 2012 to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT)
on March 2. TRAI has given special thrust on green telecom technologies.

 “We have revised the
draft document. We have not included the TRIAD of policies in the NTP 2012
because it was felt that, along with the preamble, it made a very long reading
and detracted from the focus on NTP itself,” said SC Sarma, chairman, TRAI, in
his to letter to DoT.

In the new draft, TRAI
did not include activities and targets as part of the policy since it was felt
that these would be better captured in an action plan that can be drawn up by
the DoT separately. TRAI has tried to capture most of the objectives and
strategies, with certain modifications.


Objective IL:
Environment and Health

Address health and
environmental concerns related to the telecom sector.


I.L.1. Strengthen the
framework to address environmental and health related concerns including
e-waste management;

 I.L.2. Encourage
adoption of green policy by promoting the use of energy efficient equipment,
active infrastructure sharing, incentivizing service providers deploying green
technologies for the reduction of carbon footprint in the telecom sector;

I.L.3. Facilitate
increased use of alternative sources (Renewable Energy Technologies) of energy
for powering telecom networks;

I.L.4. Promote use of
In-Building Solution (IBS) and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and its
deployment in coordination with Ministry of Urban Development by aligning the
National Building Code as well as embedding these critical requirements in the
process of developmental planning and finalization of master plans for rural
and urban areas in consultation with
the State Governments;

I.L.5. Promote mobile
phones which do not contain brominates and chlorinated compounds and antimony
trioxide and ensure proper disposal of telecom wastes in accordance with
e-Waste Rules 2010;

I.L.6. Mandate testing
and certification of all telecom products for conformance, to health, safety,
security, EMF/EMI/EMC standards;

Entrust TRAI under clause 11 (1) (b) of TRAI Act with the
function of developing and monitoring EMF standards.


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