Internap green data centers earn additional energy efficiency certifications

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Internap green data centers earn additional energy efficiency certifications

Greentech Lead U.S: Internap Network Services Corporation, a provider of
intelligent IT Infrastructure services, announced its newly-opened Los
Angeles data center has received Green Globes certification following a
detailed review process by the Green Building Initiative (GBI).

In addition, the company’s Santa Clara data
center has received ENERGY STAR certification, a program run by the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) to identify ways in which energy efficiency can be
measured, documented and implemented in data centers.

Internap has adopted a green approach that encompasses
everything from using energy simulation software to aid facility design and
re-using existing building materials during construction to using renewable
energy sources, green cleaning products and providing environmentally-conscious
transportation options.

Internap’s Los Angeles data center features
55,000 net-sellable square feet when fully deployed and was designed from the
ground up for energy efficiency. The data center achieved nearly 50 percent
reduction in energy use for the entire facility compared to similar buildings
through the use of high-efficiency lighting, HVAC systems and intelligent

The data center purchased 100 percent of the electricity
from renewable sources to power the office portion of the data center. Further
it reduced the use of potable water by more than 40 percent through high-efficiency
lavatories. The data center re-used more than 99 percent of the exterior
structural components and almost all additional materials came from recycled
content from pre- and post-consumer materials.

Internap’s Los Angeles data center was also
noted for using a green cleaning program featuring low-VOC products to reduce
air contaminants and harmful gases as well as providing
environmentally-conscious transportation options, such as carpool stalls to
encourage ridesharing and close proximity to public transportation.

Internap’s Santa Clara spans 24,000 net-sellable square
feet. Based on ENERGY STAR benchmark measurements, Internap’s Santa
Clara data center scored an ENERGY STAR efficiency performance rating of
100, which is the highest level of power consumption efficiency and represents
twice the national average for data centers.

Energy intensity, or the amount of energy the data center
consumes, is 36 percent below the national average. Greenhouse gas emissions
are 36 percent below the national average, based on an analysis of the data
center’s power consumption, utility provider and the power plant.

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