KmX Corp offers rights to Fiberight for dehydration technologies

KmX Corp offers rights to Fiberight for dehydration technologies

Greentech Lead America: KmX Corp has signed a deal with
Fiberight to offer exclusive rights to its membrane aided concentration and
dehydration technologies for converting Municipal Solid Waste into ethanol.

These membrane technologies replace the need for energy
intensive distillation columns and molecular sieves in refining cellulosic
ethanol. Through the selectivity of KmX’s hydrophobic membranes to ethanol
molecules, the small fraction of cellulosic ethanol in the fermented broth of
around 6 percent can be concentrated to 50 percent and then to fuel grade
quality using KmX’s hydrophilic membranes.

“These downstream membrane technologies integrated
with our proprietary front end processes will create a game change in our quest
for low cost cellulosic ethanol and takes us much closer to reducing our
dependence on imported oil,” said Craig Stuart Paul CEO of Fiberight.

“Having been in development for over 15 years it is
gratifying to see our membrane technologies start providing major benefits to
companies in bio fuels, bio chemicals and bio plastics. Our proprietary
membranes create lower cost pathways in dealing with some of the more complex
issues surrounding hydrolysis, fermentation and separation all of which are key
components in creating economically viable green products” said Isaac Gaon
CEO of KmX Corporation.

KmX is calling on Municipalities and Waste Management
companies in Canada and the US with the intention of creating long term
contracts for feed stock.

As a clean Technology Company, Fiberight focuses on
transforming post-recycled municipal solid wastes and other organic feedstocks
into next generation renewable biofuels, with cellulosic ethanol as the core

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