LG intros clean energy solutions for energy generation, storage and delivery

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LG announced it is expanding its energy solutions business by introducing a clean energy solutions package consisting of energy generation, storage and delivery.

The Korean business group is planning to exhibit these solutions at the 22nd World Energy Congress, taking place in South Korea from October 13 to 17. The company will showcase three zones -the Smart Generation Zone, the Smart Consumption Zone and the Smart Control Tower Zone.

At the Smart Generation Zone, LG will highlight a variety of eco-friendly power generating solutions, ranging from solar modules, geothermal heating technologies and ultra-efficient fuel cells for energy storage and transmission systems.


Highlights of the Smart Generation Zone include MonoX NeON solar modules;  Gas Heat Pump (GHP) Super, which is a heating and cooling system known to be exceptionally efficient in reducing energy consumption; LG Chem’s Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for residential and industrial applications.

LG Uplus, Korea’s leading LTE mobile communications service provider, will unveil a wide range of energy distribution systems at the zone including the Power Conversion System (PCS) and Voltage Management System (VMS).

At the Smart Consumption Zone, LG will demonstrate LG Electronics’ Building Management Solutions (BMS) and LG Uplus’ Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology that measures electricity consumption in real time and transmits electricity for buildings and households for efficient management by both energy providers and consumers.

The Smart Control Tower Zone will feature LG’s outstanding technology which utilizes LG CNS’s Smart Green Solution to manage all facets of energy generation, storage and transmission with maximum efficiency.

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