Mitsubishi Electric to display green products at Eco-Products 2012

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Mitsubishi Electric to display green products at Eco-Products 2012

Greentech Lead Japan: Mitsubishi Electric
Corporation announced that it will exhibit a variety of green products,
technologies and initiatives at Eco-Products 2012, one of the largest
environmental exhibitions in Japan, which will take place at the Tokyo Big
Sight exhibition complex on December 13 – 15.

Displays will focus on reduced-impact products and
technologies developed in line with Mitsubishi Electric’s goal of becoming a
leading global company for low-carbon and recycling societies.

Mitsubishi Electric booth will present Environmental
Vision 2021, the long-term environmental-management plan of the Mitsubishi
Electric Group, and related low-carbon solutions. Exhibits will be implemented
with six of the company’s own wide-angle, high-resolution LCD multi-display

The booth will display “eco change”
technologies and products arranged by zones covering society, buildings and
factories, and homes. In the Building and Factory zone, energy-saving
specialists will give personalized talks, based on visitors’ interests,
regarding the deployment of energy-saving products, as well as cases of
eliminating waste, upgrading production lines, enhancing power-saving
performance and achieving other beneficial green results in the company’s own

Visitor attractions will include a quiz-style “eco
bingo Go! Go!” game with prizes.

In Society Zone, the company will showcase products from
Electricity generation, Transportation and Recycling. The products on display

Electricity generation: Vibration generator; micro
hydropower generation; and full-scale smart grid test.

Transportation: Regenerated power in railcar; integrated
intelligent power-drive unit for hybrid electric vehicle; and next generation
motor controller for electric power steering.

Recycling: Recycling rare earth and plastics from
appliances; MLCNET metal line IP modem; and ozonizer.

Under Building and Factory Zone, Mitsubishi will showcase
the following products:

Power-saving and remote control: Facima, management
system for buildings; SA1-III energy/power-saving remote-control system;
e&eco-F@ctory FA energy solution; demand monitoring; and smart meter.

Air conditioning: Package air conditioners; Lossnay
ventilators for industry use; air carrier fan; and G-150AD Web-based central controller.

Lighting: High ceiling LED lights and LED-grid ceiling

Other products on display include: PV system for
public/industrial use; and financing for energy saving; Mitsubishi Electric
case studies that detail Effects of introducing energy-saving products for
waste elimination, production line upgrades, power-saving performance and more.

Under Home Zone, the company will showcase the following:

Smart house: Gun stand plug-in station; PV-EV
bidirectional power conditioner, HEMS controller, lifestyle pattern sensor; and
PV system for households.

Home appliances: Room air conditioner and LED light bulb.

In Environmental Mindset Zone, it will display Mitsubishi
Electric Outdoor Classroom; Satoyama Woodland Preservation Project; and natural
symbiosis activities at factories and offices.

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