Mp-tec unveils solar subsurface pump system

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Mp-tec unveils solar subsurface pump system

Mp-tec GmbH & Co. KG, the German solar system
company, announced that it has developed a solar subsurface pump system. The
system is available in four performance classes on the basis of six pump types
and it can deliver up to 6,600 liters of groundwater per hour at depths of
between 15 and 100 meters.

Mp-tec offers Solarpump in the
performance classes 800, 500, 650 and 1000. Depending on the required delivery
depth and volume of water, a turnkey system can be custom-selected according to
local conditions, consisting of the relevant pump, the mast and module mount
with modules and strings.

The system is operated with Grundfos submersible pumps
from the SQ-Flex series and is optimized for use with the included Q-Cells
modules. It works in weak light also. The thin-film modules ensure that the
pump can deliver water all through the day, even when there is cloud cover.

The smallest performance class, Solarpump 800 features a
module area of three square meters and delivers 1,140 liters per hour at low
depths of up to 15 meters. Solarpump 1000 is the highest performance class and
delivers up to 6,600 liters per hour at the same depth with nine square meters
of module area and suitable for supplying larger communities.

According to Greenpeace, 1.3 billion people around the
world have no access to clean water. This results in a lack of hygiene,
promotes the spread of disease and complicates the preparation of food and
drinking water. Solar pump systems can be used in disaster regions and those
without a public water supply can provide a remedy.

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