Neste Oil and Lufthansa complete renewable aviation fuel trial

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Neste Oil and Lufthansa complete renewable aviation fuel trial

Greentech Lead Europe: Neste Oil and Lufthansa have
tested Neste Oil’s NExBTL renewable aviation fuel on 1,187 flights between
Frankfurt and Hamburg last year and one intercontinental flight between
Frankfurt and Washington D.C. this year.

Factors such as fuel quality, aircraft performance, and
fuel storability were studied during the flights, and the final results of the
trial are now in.

The key conclusion of the extensive tests carried out
during the trial is that the aircraft and their engines performed excellently.
The condition of the combustion chambers, turbines, and fuel systems of their
engines was exemplary both during and at the conclusion of the trial.

No signs of damage or corrosion were detected in the
aircrafts’ fuel tanks, and longer-term storage was not shown to have any
negative impact on fuel quality. Usage of NExBTL fuel resulted in 1 percent
lower fuel consumption compared to regular fossil jet fuel, thanks to the
higher energy content of renewable aviation fuel. No quality or other issues
related to NExBTL renewable aviation fuel emerged during the extensive analysis

The condition of the engines of the aircraft involved in
the trial, together with aircraft performance, were monitored throughout the
trial by the aircrafts’ pilots, cabin staff, and ground-based maintenance

“The first commercial long-term use of aviation
biofuel with more than 1,000 consecutive flights demonstrated that Neste Oil’s
NExBTL renewable aviation fuel is ready for use in daily aircraft operation.
Lufthansa is looking forward to continuing the partnership with Neste Oil in
the future,” said Joachim Buse, vice president, Biofuel, Lufthansa.

“Our renewable aviation fuel is a perfect example of
the solutions that meet our customers’ future needs and that we can offer them
already today. We are extremely satisfied with the results of the trial, which
confirm that NExBTL renewable aviation fuel is truly a premium-quality product.
We will continue to work closely with Lufthansa and other stakeholders to
commercialize the fuel, as we believe that it will offer interesting business
opportunities in the future,” said Matti Lehmus, Neste Oil’s Executive
Vice President, Oil Products and Renewables.

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