Panasonic opens doors to Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town

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The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST) Council, a consortium led by Panasonic endorsing the development of Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town has held a grand opening ceremony of the town which is located near Tokyo.

The Fujisawa SST is a core facility that promotes sustainable development of the town and its community.

The project has moved far ahead from the construction stage and reached a new stage where the town is cultivated to fully grow into an ecological as well as smart town that give preference to resident’s lifestyles.

Fujisawa SST townscape with solar panels installed on rooftops
Fujisawa SST townscape with solar panels installed on rooftops

The Fujisawa SST SQUARE will be the main landmark of the town and its central communication base, playing main role in promoting the growth by managing the town, welcoming guests and fostering community.

The Fujisawa SST Management, the town management firm located in the SQUARE, with its partner companies will provide five essential services like energy, security, mobility, healthcare and community.

The company will also collect updates as well as manage the town’s overall environment, energy, security and safety.

Video of the inauguration ceremony

The SQUARE Center has a cafe and kitchen corner where people can gather as well as a presentation corner that familiarizes with main features of the town.

The SQUARE Lab food and craft studio offers interactive workshops and the SQUARE Mobility provides environmentally-friendly means of transportation.

Shonan T-SITE, a cultural center is another attraction to come up soon in the SQUARE. A detached housing zone for non- car owners for the second phase of sales is another addition.

Residents can enjoy the life without the need to own a car by using the town’s eco-car sharing and rent-a-car services.

A new base that provides environmentally-friendly logistic services to the residents are under preparation right now.

As a town growing sustainably, the Fujisawa SST will adapt new initiatives. An idle land will be converted into a venue to generate new innovations, validating next-generation mobility for the practical use and verifying next-generation lifestyles with show homes.


Bird's-eye view of Fujisawa SST
Bird’s-eye view of Fujisawa SST

In December, a Car Life Lab facility will be opened in this venue for display and test drives of electric vehicles.

This Cab Life facility will be using latest equipment and services created here which will be useful for future towns.

The aim is to make the smart city site a place that will develop a unique lifestyle, displaying its value to the people who visit the place.

The Fujisawa SST Council will collect the pace of its efforts to realize the Fujisawa model, a town that can develop sustainably for 100 years.

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