Progress Solar Solutions adds new NC production facility

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Progress Solar Solutions adds new NC production facility

Greentech Lead America: Progress Solar Solutions, a
provider of solar and lighting solutions, is adding an additional Solar Light
Tower production facility in Raleigh, NC to meet its growing demand.

The Progress Solar and Progress Solar/Wind Light Towers
are powered up to 100 percent by free renewable energy instead of diesel fuel.

Progress Solar serves industries including construction,
oil & gas, mining, military, border patrol, security, nuclear power plants
& public utilities, disaster recovery, airports, sporting &
recreational events and the equipment rental companies that serve them.

“We are excited about the continued growth of this unique
portable solar/wind powered outdoor lighting plant and the reception and repeat
orders from some of the largest private and public entities in the U.S. They
are taking positive steps to reduce both their operating costs and carbon
emissions,” said Dan Robertson, a partner for Progress Solar Solutions

The Solar Light Plant is equipped with high power
generation Solar Modules housed on automated solar wings that are positioned
toward the sun to capture its energy; combined with a Wind Power generator
located at the top of the light mast; four custom solid-state LED flood lights
with high lumen output; and a no maintenance, long-life Power Module to store
energy for use when needed at night or during in-climate weather.

The light towers are able to tilt up/down and can rotate
~358 degrees. The solid-state LED flood lights utilize very little power to
provide brighter light. The system offers instant-on/off with no flickering;
vibration and shatter resistant; and designed to provide up to 5x longer run
time between bulb changes than metal halide lights.

The Solar/Light Control Module protects the system from
over or under charging and the lights can be turned on/off automatically from
dusk-to-dawn, at user-programmable time intervals or manually on-demand. 

Progress Solar Solutions is an approved vendor for
Sunbelt Rentals, one of the equipment rental companies in U.S.

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