QESC flywheel storage system helps gauge microgrid technologies

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Quantum Energy Storage Corporation (QESC) has devised a flywheel storage system for a microgrid project on a US Marine Corps base.

California Energy Commission (CEC) had in 2013 allocated $1.7 million to the US Marine Corps to set up the microgrid.

The storage system of QESC at the military base will gauge the value of latest technologies in a real-world environment.

The system integrated with CleanSpark’s FractalGrid project is expected to help establish a network of smaller microgrids.

The microgrid at the base powers facilities including military staff housing, garage lighting, elevators and a server room. Smaller grids are nested within the bigger microgrid and they service the base and have an islanding option.

Flywheel storage systems are made to last about 25 years and can go through 50,000 cycles without deterioration. Compared with batteries kinetic energy storage technology does not utilize dangerous and polluting chemicals.

The software platform connected with QESC’s flywheel technology can be extensively customized at a low cost in microgrids.

Ajith Kumar S

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